Every career is a journey and every journey is unique.
Together we can plan Your Career Journey and your route to success.

Your Career Journey is the leading career coaching and training firm specializing in the world of Professional Services. We work with private clients, academic institutions and corporate clients, focusing on delivering career coaching and training into the following specialist sectors:


Legal Services


Financial Services

Management Consulting

We work with Graduates, Middle Managers and Directors, offering tailored career coaching programmes that are specifically designed around each client’s needs. This means that we are perfectly placed to help plan and guide our clients at every stage of your career journey. So whether you are:

  • Studying or about to graduate and want to follow a career in Professional Services.
  • Keen to take the next step up to Management level within a firm.
  • Want to move up to Partner or Director level.
  • Interested in using your extensive experience by pursuing a Non-Exec role or setting up your own consulting firm.
  • Interested in giving relevant, sector focused, management skills training to your staff.
  • Heading up a Career department of a university or training establishment and want students to benefit from top tier career advice & guidance.

Then we would love to work with you.

Contact us today to discuss how we can help you (or your staff) to plan and travel on your journey through to career success.

Person looking at a map with compassWe supply the map and the compass and show how to navigate your journey.


Freelance Management Consultant (Currently working in Argentina)

After taking an undergraduate degree in Law I was not sure which career path to take but joined an Accountancy firm. I soon realised that this was not really for me as I wanted to be more client facing. It was then that I was introduced to Matthew through a colleague who had worked with him in the past. Honestly, it was the best decision I ever made. After just 2 coaching sessions with him I had so much more confidence and was able to see the options open to me more clearly. He did not tell me where to go and what to do, as that is not what coaching is about, but together we were able to discuss and develop a career and lifestyle plan for the future. I now have full career independence and work on a range of projects per year and can proudly say I have now worked in 12 different countries. I would highly recommend Matthew’s coaching services and a sure I will be working with him for many years to come.

Freelance Management Consultant (Currently working in Argentina

Testimonial 2

As a 2nd-year law student, I had no idea in which direction I was headed until I was fortunate enough to encounter Matthew Francis. His extensive knowledge and expertise in the legal services sector provided me with invaluable guidance. Matthew’s enthusiasm and approachability shines through to students and young professionals like myself. After many sessions, Matthew enabled me to understand my skill set and how to actively use them to gain the experience I need to become a future lawyer. We constructed a strategy together, which has helped me gain internships at top law firms. As a result, I was introduced to Partners of top firms and have successfully completed many placements. Matthew’s extraordinary level of expertise and wide scope of connections in the world of professional services makes Matthew a marvellous career coach.


The importance of a Good CV

Writing a CV is your opportunity to give a great first impression to your potential employers. The problem is that you only have a limited space in which to fit your whole life story. Younger clients have the opposite concern. They can feel daunted by the prospect of filling a whole page with relevant experience.