About Us

The Founders

Matthew Francis and Martin Cunningham are the founders of Your Career Journey and have both experienced successes and challenges throughout their own career journeys, whilst following completely different paths.

They both have a passion for the continuous development of themselves and others and benefit from complementary skill sets, together they have over 60 years of combined experience in the development of others.

They first met when on a course they were both attending and quickly identified that by working together they could vastly enhance the service to their clients, delivering an end-to-end journey.

The result is a seamless partnership of the two Directors at Your Career Journey.

Find out more about them below:

Mathew Francis

Mathew Francis profile picture - cofounder of Your career journeyMatthew studied law at London University (LLB) and Exeter University (Legal Practice Course) before training as a lawyer. Having been mentored by a family friend (who also happened to be a lawyer with 30 years’ experience) during his academic studies he had seen the benefits of coaching & mentoring himself. The result was that he adopted a coaching mindset early on in his professional career.

His own career journey saw him working as a lawyer in the United States before joining Ernst & Young as a Tax Consultant. During this time he coached more than 20 people who were themselves unsure as to how to travel on their own career journey.

In 2002 Matthew went to Russia where he set up a Coaching & Mentoring business, working with Executives of Russian and Western companies that wanted to develop their own career journey plan, which often involved shaping the overseas development of their own business.

Returning to London in 2008, Matthew completed an Executive MBA at Cass Business School, while at the same time coaching current and former Cass students in his role as a member of the Cass Entrepreneurs Network committee. Since 2008 he has worked with more than 200 current and former students of Cass and other Universities and Business Schools. He has also shaped and delivered Change Transformation programmes across clients across the Financial Services, Management Consulting, Legal Services, Accountancy and Public sectors.

A few things you might not already know about Matthew are that he:

  • Lived and worked in 8 different countries (USA, Mexico, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Colombia, Russia, Ukraine & India).
  • Served as an elected Borough Councillor in Rugby between 2010 and 2015.
  • Was Chairman of the Chartered Institute of Public Relations (CIPR) International Group between 2009 and 2012.
  • Can’t stop travelling and loves the diversity and challenges faced when working across international markets.

Martin Cunningham

Martin Cunningham profile picture - cofounder of Your career journeyThroughout his career, Martin has achieved a number of successes within a highly complex and politically charged field, identifying areas of improvement and engaging transparently and meaningfully with stakeholders to ensure the long-term success of change programmes. His reputation as a leader and advisor, supporting highly diverse and sometimes conflicting stakeholders in order to gather an evidence base or to implement large-scale system changes is well-known.

Martin’s innate ability in the development of others started fairly early in his career when based with the Royal Military Police in Osnabruck and Northern Ireland in the early 80s, including mentoring and training of others.

In Kent Police his experience included work as a tutor constable, mentoring new officers, developing officers to pass the challenging promotional requirements, assessing for the accreditation potential firearms commanders and workplace accreditation of newly accredited firearms commanders. As a change manager he was the senior user and operational commander for the implementation of an entirely new Command and Control system for the entire country in a communications centre with 500 staff. He was responsible for ensuring the training reflected the operating procedures as well as the system requirements.

He has trained Afghan National Police Commanders in the Police Staff College in Kabul and advised at ministerial level, including Ministers of Justice and the Interior in Kosovo. He has honed his coaching skills in some of the most contested spaces in the world and now is able to offer you the benefit of his learning.

A few things you might not already know about Martin are that:

  • His favourite place is to be by the sea, any sea, in any condition but it is always best when it is clear, blue, in the sun and where he can swim.
  • Between the ages of 5 and 7 he lived in Malta, a place he absolutely loves.
  • He has lived and/or worked outside of the UK for 20 years.
  • Has been a school governor.
  • Detests Mushrooms, loves marmite and SciFi