What we do. How we do it


We specialise in the development and delivery of tailored end-to-end career journey planning programmes. The Your Career Journey approach is to deliver a specifically designed programme through a combination of online teaching and 1-2-1 coaching, that results in a programme that is specifically designed and focuses not just on your own personal goals but also has regard to your desired location, organisation, role and target goal.


The delivery methodology has been developed so as to enable the programme to form an integral part of a holistic career journey, completely tailored to the specific needs the individual and/or the organisation and is completely scalable so can be employed at every level within an organisation.


The concept has been developed in a manner that it is completely scalable. It can be employed at every level within the organisation and tailored to meet the needs of the individual, team or organisation.


Programme Modules

The modules contained in the programme are as follows

  1. Preferred Career Options
  2. Career Journey Planning
  3. Preferred Career Options
  4. Developing a Continuous Professional Development Programme
  5. Applying for Job Roles
  6. Interview Research
  7. Interview Preparation
  8. Continued Support

At each stage of the programme there are supporting resources that allow you to take control of your destiny and, as well as identifying the dream, show you how to take the right steps to achieve what success looks like, including the desired work life balance.

Delivery Methodology

Whilst each coaching programme is tailored to individual needs but follows a proven and structured process. The journey starts with a free no-obligation exploratory session where the aims and objectives of the programme are discussed. The coaching journey can then commence, with a range of coaching models being applied along the way. One of these is the CREATE coaching model. This model is shown below:

Delivery Methodology diagram

Between sessions there will be time for reflection and forward planning depending on whether a slightly amended direction needs to be taken. This is essential in order to determine how the final destination can be reached.